Speedwatch – volunteers required

Our Speedwatch project has been going for over six years now. The project is supported by the Parish Council and Hampshire Police and encourages drivers to keep within the speed limit and improve road safety. We concentrate on early mornings when children are out and about, catching the school buses.

The equipment, which is shared with Kingsley Parish, is a radar monitoring device which displays the speed of oncoming traffic. In addition, if vehicles are driving within the speed limit, it will show a smiley face and if they are exceeding the speed it will show a sad face!

Volunteers monitor the equipment and note the speed of the passing vehicles. If the speed is too high then it will be recorded and the vehicle details will be sent to Hampshire Police.

The Police send warning letters to those drivers which we identify as having exceeded the speed limit by a considerable margin. It is pleasing to note that the number of speeding vehicles logged is reducing over the months, so the message is getting through and drivers are becoming more speed aware.

If you would like more details or wish to become a Speedwatch volunteer, please contact the Parish Office, or phone them on 01428 713132

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