Grants Policy

1. Headley Parish Council will consider applications from local community associations, cultural, educational, sporting, leisure and charitable organisations for financial assistance towards the expenses of the organisation.

2. Grant applications are considered by Headley Parish Council annually at its October Council meeting, for funding in the following financial year.

3. A small budget is allocated for applications received out of sequence.

4. All grant applications must be made on the attached form.

5. Individuals and commercial organisations are not eligible for grants.

6. Grants will not be made retrospectively.

7. Grants will not be made to projects that discriminate on any grounds.

8. The Council will not give grants towards running costs or salaries.

9. Applicants are required to produce evidence demonstrating that they have sought grants from other sources.

10. Applicants should be aware that it is unlikely that the Parish Council will approve a grant in excess of 50% of the total cost of any project or activity.

11. Applicants must be able to demonstrate how the funding will give direct benefit to the area and the residents of the Parish.

12. Applicants must provide a copy of their accounts for the last financial year if available or if not, the previous years.

13. For larger grants, the Parish Council reserves the right to request evidence of competitive tendering.

14. The Parish Council reserves the right to withhold, withdraw or recover the grant if:
a. The use for which the grant is awarded ceases.
b. Its aims and objectives vary to the extent that the application would not have been eligible for consideration at the time of the application.
c. The funds were not used for the purposes stated in the application.

15. Organisations applying for a grant in excess of £500 may be invited to send a representative(s) to address the Parish Council and answer any questions.

16. The Parish Council will not enter into any correspondence regarding decisions made by the Council, and the Council’s decision shall be final.

17. Recognition of the grant from Headley Parish Council must be made in any publicity.