2024 Meetings

Calendar of meetings and its committees 2024

Meetings of the Parish Council and its Committees are held in the Village Hall unless otherwise stated on the notice of agenda, they generally commence at 7.30pm.  Meetings are on Monday’s unless otherwise marked. Members of the public are very welcome to attend. 

Monday (unless stated)CommitteeLocationAgendaMinutes
8  JanuaryPlanningParish OfficeAgendaMinutes
15 JanuaryParish Council Village HallAgendaMinutes
5 FebruaryPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
12 FebruaryParish CouncilVillage HallAgendaMinutes
4 MarchPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
11 MarchParish Council Village HallAgendaMinutes
8 AprilPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
15 AprilParish Council Village HallAgendaMinutes
8 MayPlanningParish OfficeAgendaMinutes
13 MayAnnual Meeting of the Parish CouncilParish OfficeAgendaMinutes
20 MayAnnual Parish Assembly*Marjorie Wheatley PavilionAgendaMinutes
5 JunePlanningParish OfficeAgendaMinutes
10 JuneParish Council Village HallAgendaMinutes
1 JulyPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
8 JulyParish CouncilVillage HallAgendaMinutes
5 AugustPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
2 SeptemberPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
9 SeptemberParish Council Village HallAgendaMinutes
7 October PlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
14 OctoberParish CouncilVillage HallAgendaMinutes
4 NovemberPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
11 NovemberParish CouncilVillage HallAgendaMinutes
2 DecemberPlanningChurch CentreAgendaMinutes
9 DecemberParish CouncilVillage HallAgendaMinutes

*Annual Parish Assembly is a meeting of the electorate and is not a Parish Council meeting.