2020 Meetings

Calendar of meetings and its committees 2020

Meetings of the Parish Council and its Committees are held in the Parish Office unless otherwise stated on the notice of agenda. Meetings are on Monday’s unless otherwise marked and generally commence at 7.30pm. Members of the public are very welcome to attend. 

N.B. Currently due to covid restrictions all meetings are being held online via Zoom. Please contact the Parish Office for details.

Monday (unless stated)CommitteeAgendaMinutes
6th JanuaryPlanningAgendaMinutes
13th JanuaryFull Council AgendaMinutes
3rd FebruaryPlanningAgendaMinutes
10th FebruaryFull CouncilAgendaMinutes
2nd MarchPlanningAgendaMinutes
9th MarchFull Council AgendaMinutes
22nd MarchAnnual Parish Meeting* (cancelled due to Covid-19)Cancelled
6th AprilPlanning (cancelled due to Covid-19)Cancelled
14th April (Tuesday)Full Council (cancelled due to Covid-19)Cancelled
11th MayPlanningAgendaMinutes
18th MayAnnual Meeting of the Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
1st JunePlanningAgendaMinutes
18th JuneFull Council AgendaMinutes
6th JulyPlanningAgendaMinutes
13th JulyFull CouncilAgendaMinutes
3rd AugustPlanningAgendaMinutes
7th SeptemberPlanningAgendaMinutes
14th SeptemberFull Council AgendaMinutes
5th October PlanningAgendaMinutes
12th OctoberFull CouncilAgendaMinutes
2nd NovemberPlanningAgendaMinutes
9th NovemberFull CouncilAgendaMinutes
7th DecemberPlanningAgendaMinutes
14th DecemberFull CouncilAgendaMinutes