Minor problems or complaints such as litter, bins, highway signs etc are invariably the responsibility of either the District Council or County Council. As as a member of the public, report the problem at once directly to the authority who deal with the issue.
Reporting it to the the Parish Clerk adds no weight or value; she would only be able to make the same report and would not have the same facts as you.
It is important that the complaint is made by the person who actually has seen the problem. The Parish Clerk would have to ascertain that the reported problem is still unresolved before making the phone call or writing a letter.

Having registered the problem, it is however useful to copy the report to the Parish Clerk so that the Parish Council is able to keep track of numbers of reports, trends, and the speed of response by the appropriate department.

It is more effective to make use of the reporting facility on this link Fix My Street page - provided by MySociety - which ensures that there is a full record of the issue and response - and it is available for all to see and support.


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