Headley Parish Council Forward Plan 2019- 2022

Headley Parish Council’s Vision Statement: To maintain and improve our quality of life and local environment.

Headley Parish Council’s Mission Statement: To preserve all that is good about of Parish of Headley whilst providing value for money and looking after the needs of the community.




Detail & Costings

Sport Facilities




To secure a lease of the football pitches with the Diocese


31st December 2019

Full Council

Lease is held over (expired in June 2018). Officer time and Legal fees.

To negotiate and finalise a new lease with Headley Sports Association for the Sports Pavilion.

1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021.

Full Council

Current lease expires 5 November 2021. Officer time & Legal fees.

In partnership with Headley Sports Association secure additional land for sport.

31st March 2021

Full Council

Consider all options both within the Parish and outside.

In partnership with Headley Sports Association, refurbish the Sports Pavilion ensuring it remain fit for purpose until 2029.

31st March 2021

Full Council

(£50,000 - £100,000) Funding opportunities through Whitehill & Bordon s106 funding.  Commuted Sum (Nodwood House)

Play Areas




To review and decide upon the location, of Mill Lane play area, liaise with stakeholders and make a recommendation to Council.


30th September 2019

Full Council

Officer time.

To refurbish Mill Lane play area.


31st March 2021

Full Council

£15,000 – £30,000

Parish Land




To consider and decide upon whether to renew a lease on land at Beech Hill (SSE Substation) by 14th January 2020.


31st December 2019

Full Council

Legal fees.

Village Enhancements




To consider and decide upon whether to develop a community planting scheme in partnership with local interest groups

Spring 2020

Full Council

£500 initial costs to purchase hanging baskets, lamp posts planters, barrier baskets, flower towers and an ongoing cost to restock.

To re-establish the flower meadow on the Village Green

Spring 2020

Full Council

Ground works and seeds approximately £500

To review and install new Christmas lights in the Parish

September 2019

Full Council

Up to £3,000 depending on scheme.

Replace the bollards and vehicle access to Standford Green.


Summer 2020

Full Council

Approximately £1,000

To decide whether to level Standford Village Green


Spring 2020

Full Council


Engagement & Promotion




Actively engage with residents using social media, questionnaires, stands at village events, notices, press releases etc. to inform decision making.


Evidence detailed for the last 12 months (1st April 2018 – 31st March 2019). 

All Committees.

To consider using online polls, focus groups and public meetings.

To facilitate debate in the community about planning applications.





Planning Committee

To provide information to the community about high profile applications and facilitate a community meeting if requested.

To hold a community planning event with key stakeholders.


February 2021

All committees

To enable residents to voice their aspirations for the Parish to inform delivery of services.

Good Governance




To achieve ‘The Quality Award’ of the Local Council Award Scheme.

By April 2020



Policy & Finance & Council.

Foundation Award achieved April 2016. Officer time.



To update Councillor profiles and photos

31st August 2019


Councillors time and use of a photographer, approximately £100.

To consider wider the value of digital mapping for the Parish Council

31st December 2019

Full Council

£100 - £600

To develop a stand-alone Parish website.

31st December 2020

Full Council

Fees for creating a tailormade website, and ongoing maintenance. 

Secure a lease for the Parish Office expiring 2023.

31st December 2022

Policy & Finance Committee & Full Council

Lease expires in March 2023