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Headley Parish Council

Headley Parish Council comprised of 12 Councillors working as a team is a land owner, tenant, grant body, advocate and lobbying group on behalf of some 4,500 residents living the Parish.  The Council currently manages village greens, play areas, allotments, extensive sports facilities and woodland. It works collaboratively with a wide range of groups and organisations both within and outside the Parish.


Aims and Objectives

Headley Parish Council is committed to high standards of engagement with its community. Our council is part of a tier of local government which belongs to, is part of and is directly accountable to its local community. Councillors play an important role as they are elected to make decisions on matters affecting the parish. We aim to make a measurable difference to the quality of life of the community we serve and to be responsive to the needs of our community. This strategy sets out how we ensure the community is kept informed and can get involved with the activities and the decision-making process of the Council.


What is Our Community?

We believe our community is everyone living within the boundary of the parish, community and voluntary groups and the individuals within them. We also recognise that visitors to our Parish who access our sport and recreation facilities form an important part of the vibrancy of community life. We understand that there are statutory organisations that are crucial to local quality of life and we will strive to achieve excellent working relationships with them including, Hampshire Police, East Hants District Council, Hampshire County Council neighbouring Parish Councils, schools and faith organisations.



Community engagement can include a variety of approaches, such as one-way communication or information delivery, consultation, involvement and collaboration in decision-making, and empowered action in informal groups or formal partnerships. The Parish Council will employ a flexible approach to engagement, utilising both tried and tested and new and innovative approaches. 


Council Communication

Communication materials should be jargon free and in plain English, available in accessible formats and provided in alternative language(s) as appropriate. Public meetings or focus groups where individuals can discuss the issues first hand are important and can be facilitated by the Parish Council as appropriate. The Council will use existing community networks and forms of communication to publicise Council events and identify opportunities to align or hold combined events for greater impact.



How we will inform our Community

The Parish Council provides access to its decisions, governance arrangements and council activities through its website www.headleyparish.com, newsletters and its annual publication the Headley Report which is delivered to every household in the Parish.  Snippets of Council information are published though the CouncilŐs twitter account @headleyparish by the Clerk & Executive Officer.


Contacting your Councillors

Councillors are the decision-makers of the council. The contact details for all our councillors and employees are published on the councilŐs website, quarterly newsletter and Headley Report. Councillors welcome contact with members of the public and will endeavour to be available immediately prior to council meetings and committees for anybody who wishes to speak with them and they will listen to the representations you make to them at council and committee meetings whether you attend in person, ask another person to raise matters for you or provide your comments in writing.


The Clerk& Executive Officer is the Proper Officer of the Council and is the appropriate contact in most cases for raising specific issues or requesting further information from the council.



Clerk & Executive Officer

Headley Parish Council

Parish Office

Arford Road



GU35 8LJ


T: 01428 713132

E: clerk@headleypc.co.uk

W: headleyvillage.com

DM: @headleyparish